Semi-Independent Living

Soaring Heights Care’s highly regarded experience of 16+ semi-independent accommodation and support services, offer local authorities social care a safe and immediate solution when seeking to accommodate young people whose personal circumstances or behaviour patterns might make it difficult for them to remain at home.

Our highly skilled staff not only aim to meet the developmental needs of each young person in our care, but through individual assessment, support, mentoring, and restorative practice techniques. We also explore and address each young person’s unique and individual needs. We seek to improve outcomes through comprehensive support planning, and bespoke key-working sessions which are designed to assist our young people in achieving their goals and aspirations.

At Soaring Heights Care, we pride ourselves at being a bespoke semi-independent provider who assists young people as they prepare for bright futures that enable them to soar to new heights. We provide homes for young people transitioning from care, have complex needs, who are UASC as well as young people with challenging behaviour. 

Soaring Heights Care is a semi-independent provider with a unique difference in that the owner and Director is a practicing social worker who has also worked as a probation officer and youth justice worker. Our ethos at Soaring Heights Care is to prepare young people for their futures, whilst assessing and tailoring interventions to assist in their development. The Director ensures all staff undertake regular robust training to keep their skillset up to date. 

The organisation fundamentally believes that building excellent working relationships with young people, families and professionals has enabled many individuals to experience excellent care and move forward with making and achieving positive outcomes for their lives.

Young People

We recognise the challenges young people encounter as they prepare to leave local authority care and make the transition into independent adult life. We believe that by providing young people with positive role models, and dedicated empathetic, experienced support workers, we can successfully equip them with the independent living skills they need to move forward and make positive contributions to their wider communities. We are committed to all aspects of equality and diversity which is reflected in our ethos and embrace the significant contributions that come from the diversity of our young people, staff, partners and stakeholders.

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